When teeth get damaged or fall out, dentures are a great way to retain the normal function of your mouth for eating and speaking, but they can take awhile to get used to. Initially, dentures can affect the way you eat, speak and produce saliva but over time they become a comfortable part of your oral routine. One you've visited the denture clinic to insert your new set of dentures, a little practice will give you better control over your dentures. Here are some easy tips to make dentures a comfortable facial fixture.

Eat Slowly

The body treats the set of dentures like it would any foreign object, which is why it is difficult to eat in the first few days. This is normal, so there no real need to visit the denture clinic if you feel discomfort. Eat slowly and concentrate on the changes in chewing as you get accustomed to accommodating the dentures.

Relearning the process of chewing and eating is quite normal for people with new dentures, so you aren't alone. Start by drinking water and consuming food like yoghurt, soup and scrambled eggs which are non-sticky. Avoid sticky and chewy foods like red meats and raw vegetables in the beginning. Food must be cut into small pieces to chew more easily. When chewing, have food on both sides of your mouth to stabilise the dentures over time. 

Read Aloud

Newly fitted dentures at the denture clinic can affect the way people pronounce certain words. To get better accustomed to speaking with your new dentures, try reading a book out loud with a stronger emphasis on words you find difficult to pronounce. This will help you regain control of your speech even with the dentures. 

Sleep With Dentures Initially 

Sleeping with your dentures in the first few nights is a good idea to get accustomed to them. While it's important to clean them regularly, the first few nights will help your mind, body and mouth to get used to having them, so that they feel more natural as you wear them. Once you get used to them, you should remove them while sleeping for cleansing. 

Schedule an Appointment with the Denture Clinic 

While dentures are a great alternative to replacing teeth, your work with the dentist doesn't end there. It's important to visit regularly to ensure that the dentures fit comfortably in your mouth. A denture clinic will periodically adjust the dentures to ensure they sit properly in the mouth to prevent the occurrence of sores. 

Keep in mind that getting used to dentures is only temporary and any discomfort fixes itself in time. Be sure to visit the denture clinic if you feel prolonged discomfort, as your dentures may need adjustment.