People with crooked teeth don't need to wear unsightly metal braces for years and years as there are many options available today for braces that are nearly invisible, removable and which work much faster than these traditional braces. While not every person may be a candidate for removable braces, often called trays, they can be a good choice for many people, including both adults and teens. If you're in the market for a tooth straightening process, you might consider removable braces for a variety of reasons.

1. You can remove them for something special

If you have a career that requires you to give presentations or to meet with clients and customers, you can remove trays or temporary braces when needed. A schoolchild can remove the trays for pictures if they want. When you have a mouth full of metal braces, you're simply stuck with the look no matter what. For a special date night or when you're going on job interviews, or when your teen is headed off to a school dance, there is no need to be self-conscious because of having your teeth straightened if you can slide the trays off your teeth for a few hours. 

2. Cleaning the braces may be easier

One problem that many people have with braces is that it's difficult to clean metal wires and brackets, especially after eating. Food particles stuck between braces can cause bad breath and even tooth decay. Trying to clean them can not only be a challenge but it can also be painful. You might scrape the food particles against the gums when you try to clean them from behind the braces, but with removable braces you can easily clean everything in the mouth. You can also clean the trays themselves more readily; they can be soaked and brushed in every corner when you remove them.

3. Removable braces are often less painful than standard braces

Standard wire and bracket braces can be very painful, as they need to be tightened regularly in order to pull and push the teeth into place. However, removable braces are much gentler on the teeth; they disperse the pressure of this adjustment over the entire tray, rather than having the area of a thin wire apply pressure to the teeth. This can make getting your teeth straightened much less painful overall. Since they're usually not worn at night, you or your teen might also sleep more readily with removable trays.

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