A misconception that some people have is that by simply being conscientious with their oral hygiene routine will guarantee they never have to experience tooth aches and pains. The truth is that aches in your teeth do not all stem from the onset of a cavity. There are numerous other reasons why you may start to experience discomfort. Although the toothache may start off as mild pain, it is not advisable to ignore it. Leaving it unchecked could lead to severe oral conditions that could have been prevented if caught in good time. This is why it is advisable to seek the medical assistance of a dentist when you begin to suffer from a toothache. Here are some of the various causes of spontaneous tooth pains.

You are suffering from tooth sensitivity

Over time, you may start experiencing sharp pain whenever you ingest foods or drinks of varying temperatures. One of the common reasons for this is tooth sensitivity. There are several ways that you could begin to develop tooth sensitivity. The first is if you are suffering from an oral infection that has led to the recession of your gum line.

Another reason you could develop tooth sensitivity is if your enamel has started thinning. It is crucial to set a dental appointment so that the dentist can establish the main cause of the tooth sensitivity and remedy it. Choosing to simply deal with the side effects by switching to toothpaste for sensitive teeth will not solve the underlying problem.

You have an abscessed tooth

If you start experiencing tooth pain when biting down as you chew food, it could indicate that you have an abscessed tooth. A tooth abscess occurs when pus begins to collect in the tooth. This pus will come about typically due to a bacterial infection that has gone undetected. You are susceptible to bacterial infection in the event that your tooth acquires a chip or a crack that espouses the tooth's pulp. It is prudent to have a tooth abscess attended to.

This is because left undeterred, your tooth begins to die and could lead to complete loss of your tooth. If your tooth pain stems from an abscess, the dentist will have to drain the affected tooth. This is followed by sterilization of the site to deter any future infections. In some instances you may need root canal therapy to completely eliminate any signs of the infection.