Many people are concerned about the appearance of their smile. They'd like to have that flashy "Hollywood" style but think that in their particular case they are showing too much of their teeth. What can cause this and what can be done about it?

Are You Receding?

Often times, patients who complain about this phenomenon are suffering from receding gums. When this occurs, much more of the tooth is exposed than normal, including parts of the root. The general appearance of your smile can appear to be "unbalanced," especially as the gums do not always recede at the same rate across your mouth.

Temperature Sensitivity

In addition to this being aesthetically worrying, it can also be rather painful. This is because when the root is exposed, it's much more sensitive to temperature. The root is made from porous materials and doesn't have an enamel protection like the rest of it. When you eat or drink anything cold or hot, you can feel a reaction. Not only is this unpleasant to deal with, but it also elevates the risk of infection and decay to the exposed part of the teeth.

The Effect of Getting Older

As people get older, the gums will tend to recede naturally. As time goes by, it is therefore important to maintain your gums and teeth as well as you can, to try and avoid any infection. Infection will at least in part exacerbate the problem associated with natural ageing.

Beware of Disease

Regular visits to the dentist will provide an early warning against the threat of gum disease. This disease is likely to accelerate gum recession, by exposing the roots of the teeth even more. Once again, work by the dentist and the hygienist can certainly help to keep this under control, as gum disease is certainly not a natural process of ageing.

Less Effort Required

You should also learn to be careful when brushing your teeth as you get older, as this can actually make the problem of receding gums even worse. Many people seem to think that more effort is required to clean the teeth in order to ensure that the gums do not recede. The opposite is the case, however, and excessive pressure can actually help to wear away more of the gum, damage the tooth enamel and cause additional visits to the dentist.

Going Electric

You may find it useful to get an electric toothbrush, as a built-in sensor can help to regulate the amount of pressure that's applied to your teeth.

Looking into It

If you're worried about receding gums, have a chat with your dentist or visit a cosmetic dentistry clinic to see what options are available to you.