Many people are often distressed at the thought of going to the dental office because they fear what the dentist will say about the dental problem they're faced with. But consulting a dentist is the first and most important step dental patients must take so they can get the right solution to their problem. If you need to consult a dentist regarding your particular dental issue, and you are wondering about will happen at the dental office, continue reading on below to be up to speed with what to expect.

  1. Medical history: Before looking into the issue at hand, your dentist will check your health history as well as past dental problems to see if there are any pre-existing health and dental conditions that could be contributing to the specific symptoms you are currently exhibiting. The investigation is important to ensure that the treatment options recommended later on do not in any aggravate pre-existing medical or dental conditions.
  2. Dental exam: Once the dentist is up to date with your current health, they will carry out a dental exam to evaluate your overall oral hygiene. They will check for any signs of tooth decay, root decay, bone loss, teeth grinding or any other deformity that may deteriorate your oral health. Put simply, dental exams are performed to identify risk factors. If you have a poor bite, for example, your dentist may check how your upper teeth and lower teeth touch. As part of the exam, your dentist may take x-rays to help in further analysis of your dental health.
  3. Treatment planning: Once your dentist has collected the required information, they will come up with a number of treatment plans that can work for you. They will let you know the advantages and downsides of each treatment plan and help you decide on the best solution to your specific dental problem. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as recommending that you should schedule for regular checkups and cleanings and giving instructions on how you can improve your overall oral hygiene. In other cases, you might need to undergo complex dental treatments like root canal treatment, and implant-supported dentures.

Dental problems do not go away by themselves — as a matter of fact, they usually exacerbate over time, thus complicating the treatment process even more. With that said, it is important that you consult a dentist early enough so as to avoid the need for extensive dental treatment.