Dentures are useful devices for individuals who have lost their permanent teeth. These dental solutions restore the ability to eat and speak comfortably. Also, these products help in maintaining the structure of the mouth and the face. In general, modern dentures are engineered to look natural and provide optimal comfort. However, they can still be uncomfortable for first-time users. If you are struggling with adjusting to your new dentures, here are some guidelines to help you get accustomed to them. 

Consider Using Dental Adhesive

If you have removable dentures, you might notice that they are moving in your mouth. This issue can cause discomfort, embarrassment and anxiety. Fortunately, you can remedy the problem with considerable ease. Purchase dental adhesive from your local pharmacy, and use it to keep the oral device in place. This solution should help you get used to the dentures. However, if the movement is due to poorly fitting dentures, you should consult your dentist for modifications or replacement.

Eat Soft Foods Only

When you first acquire and start wearing dentures, you might experience some significant challenges eating. The difficulties can cause considerable distress and frustration. Therefore, you should be patient with yourself and learn slowly. You should begin by eating soft foods which require minimal chewing. Take small bites, and slowly chew until you get accustomed to the device functions. Avoid sticky and hard foods during the adjustment period. Over time, you should be able to eat everything.

Practice Speaking

Dentures are beneficial in helping you speak clearly and pronounce words correctly. However, when you start using the oral devices, you will have some difficulties with clarity in speech. Therefore, you should practice speaking at home so that you can adjust to the feeling of the dentures in your mouth. You can read books aloud or converse with your family. This is the most efficient way to get used to dentures. After some practice, you will be comfortable talking, and your speech will be clear. 

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Mouth sores and irritation of the gums are common problems experienced by individuals using dentures for the first time. These symptoms are normal because the mouth is still getting used to the contact with the devices. However, if you do not clean your dentures and mouth properly, infections such as stomatitis and cheilosis could occur. Therefore, you must not compromise on oral cleanliness. If an infection does develop or the irritation persists, you should consult your dentist for examination and treatment.