Cosmetic dentistry can give you a beautiful smile, with teeth that are perfectly aligned and bright white; this alone can be reason enough to choose a cosmetic dental procedure for yourself, if and when needed.

However, beyond improving your looks and your self-esteem, there are many other reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry for yourself, and especially if you have extremely crooked, chipped, or broken teeth, rotted or decayed teeth, or are outright missing some teeth. Note a few of those reasons here, so you make the best choices for yourself when it comes to your overall dental health.

You Care About Bone Health

Bones in the body need to be stimulated to be healthy; without proper stimulation, bones may get weaker over time. This can happen in the jaw, if you're missing teeth; those teeth help to stimulate bone growth, and prevent bone loss in the jaw as you age. Having a tooth implant or artificial tooth inserted in the mouth where you are currently missing a tooth or teeth can then keep your jawbone healthy as you get older, so you'll have less pain and discomfort as you eat and chew. This will also help you to avoid that sunken look that many elderly persons get as their bones weaken with age.

You're Getting Headaches

When teeth are very crooked, undersized, or damaged, you may actually suffer headaches, neck aches, and pain in the shoulders and upper back. This is because teeth rest on each other for support, and crooked or damaged teeth cannot provide that proper support; in turn, the muscles get overworked and tense, and you experience pain in areas close to the jaw. By having teeth rebuilt or aligned properly, this can alleviate that pressure on those muscles and allow them to relax, so you have fewer headaches and other such discomfort that may be related to damaged or misaligned teeth.

You Want to Protect Your teeth

Cosmetic dentistry can actually protect all the teeth in your mouth. The bacteria that is held by decayed teeth can easily spread to other teeth, causing them to decay. Misaligned teeth can rub up against other teeth, causing wear. Chipped or broken teeth can cut into the gums, causing damage to tooth roots. Not caring for these damaged or misaligned teeth can then mean that other teeth also become damaged or decayed. Covering chipped teeth with crowns or caps, extracting decayed teeth and replacing them with implants, and straightening misaligned teeth can protect all the teeth in your mouth, avoiding this added damage.