Are you feeling a little underwhelmed by your smile? With cosmetic dentistry constantly advancing, your aesthetic treatment options are broad. Depending on what you want to fix, you can choose between minimally invasive and extensive treatments.

Teeth whitening 

Few cosmetic dentistry options are as quick or as cost-effective as teeth whitening. Although you can do this yourself at home using off-the-shelf products, you'll see better results when you visit a dentist. Aside from in-office treatments, your dentist can provide at-home bleaching kits that you may find more convenient. It's possible to whiten your teeth to between four and seven shades lighter, so you'll have the confidence to show off your smile. If you do choose teeth whitening, try taking steps towards making the results last longer. This could mean switching to ice coffee that you can drink through a straw, ditching the red wine and quitting smoking.

Composite bonding

When it comes to getting straighter and whiter teeth many people think of either braces or veneers. Although both are still an option, composite bonding is a little more cost-effective than veneers. Using composite resin, your dentist will create a layer that rests on your teeth with the aim of covering chips. As such, this procedure is most commonly used in those who have chipped their teeth and want to restore their appearance. In some cases, you can use composite bonding to create a whiter layer above heavily-stained teeth.

Dental veneers

Whether you choose composite veneers or porcelain, this is an excellent way to create a smile that looks perfectly straight and dazzlingly white. Many people associate this area of cosmetic dentistry with Hollywood, as so many celebrities turn to veneers. But, they're not just for correcting wonky teeth. Those who have suffered trauma or who need their smiles restructuring for other reasons may also choose veneers. Before you approach your dentist, it's worth bearing in mind that they'll want you to reach peak oral health before carrying out any work. As a surgical procedure, dental veneers have the potential to introduce infection, but this usually only happens when you have a condition such as gingivitis.

When it comes to choosing the right cosmetic dentistry treatment, your journey will always start with a thorough consultation. Always expect your dentist to prioritise your oral health before getting to work on the aesthetic side of your smile. When you work with them and their recommendations, you'll enjoy excellent results that last.