With professional teeth whitening, you get two options: an in-chair treatment at your dentist's office and take-home whitening trays. At-home whitening will be supervised by your dentist, and the results will be just as good as what you can expect from an in-chair treatment. To get the most and best out of your at-home teeth whitening trays, here are some helpful recommendations.

Clean your Teeth Before Use

Ensure that you clean your teeth before you pop in the whitening trays. The gel will not penetrate food particles stuck on and between your teeth. As such, the parts of your teeth that are covered in food particles will not whiten like the rest of the teeth.

If you keep up neglecting cleaning your teeth, you may end up with unevenly whitened patches. To avoid this and get even results, brush and, if possible, floss your teeth just before you put in the trays. Even after the cleaning, check to make sure that there are no food particles you may have missed.

Stick to the Recommended Amount of Whitening Solution

Putting in more teeth whitening solution in the trays will not whiten your teeth faster or give you the brightest shade of white. If anything, you risk the solution overflowing and seeping into your gum tissues, where it will cause some irritation.

Not once should you use more than the recommended amount of solution. Your dentist will tell you exactly how much this is, and for reasons already highlighted, you will do well to stick to this amount.

Give it Time

Has it already been a week and you don't see any significant changes? Don't give up just yet. Unlike in-chair professional teeth whitening that will only take a little more than an hour, whitening trays take a little longer. It may be another week or just a couple of days before you can see some real results, so be patient and remain consistent.

Watch Your Diet and Avoid Smoking

Consuming certain foods and drinks during the time you are wearing the trays will only slow down the whitening process. As much as possible, avoid dark chocolate, soy sauce, and any food with natural or added colourants. The same goes for strongly coloured beverages such as coffee, wine, and tea. Also, avoid smoking, as it will discolour your teeth.

No doubt about it, at-home teeth whitening using custom trays given by your dentist work. These outlined tips will ensure you get the best results. Speak with a dentist about teeth whitening options like at-home teeth whitening trays.