Permanent teeth are exceptionally strong. However, they are not invulnerable to impact and pressure. Therefore, if you bite on something hard or an accidental situation leads to facial impact, your teeth might get cracked or broken. When this happens, it is advisable to consult an emergency dentist immediately. Prompt treatment is crucial in preventing permanent tooth loss, infections and other complications. However, this action might not be applicable in some situations. It might be necessary to manage the situation at home before visiting the dentist. Here are simple tips to help you handle the fractured or broken tooth.

Clean and Stop Bleeding

When your tooth sustains damage, you should rinse your mouth properly. This action will help in the elimination of blood and cracked pieces of your teeth. Also, this action will alleviate pain and minimise complications that might be caused by residues in your mouth. Ideally, you should use some warm water for its soothing effect. If there is bleeding in the site of injury, you will need to prevent further blood flow. You should use a clean piece of gauze to apply pressure and stop bleeding. Alternatively, place a tea bag over the bleeding area if you do not have gauze.

Manage the Pain

The pain that comes from a fractured or broken tooth can be excruciating, depending on the level of injury and personal sensitivity to pain. Therefore, you might want to manage the pain before getting to your dentist. If the injury is minor, you will be able to alleviate the discomfort by applying an ice pack. Placing the ice over your cheek around the injured area should numb the pain and reduce any swelling. You can also purchase some OTC analgesics from your local pharmacy to suppress pain. If you will need to delay your dentist appointment, consider getting some dental cement to cover your broken tooth.

Know the Repair Options

Finally, you should learn about your dental repair options so that you will be prepared for the appointment and treatment. The right information can help you choose the correct restoration path. However, you should remember that the dentist will provide the best advice on the ideal treatment. If your tooth is cracked a little or chipped, treatment might not be necessary. However, you can opt to have the tooth polished. Significant but non-intrusive cosmetic cracks can be repaired through dental bonding or veneers. If your tooth is broken, split or seriously cracked, treatments such as root canal and dental crowns might be needed. 

Contact a local dental clinic for more information about emergency dental treatment