As people age, a certain amount of dental deterioration can be expected, and it's not unusual for most people to have an extraction or two as a consequence. Of course, these teeth will not grow back by themselves, but it's always a good idea to insert a replacement if possible, for a number of different reasons. If you're missing one or two and wish that your smile was more complete, why should you look at dental implants, and what should you know about the latest technology?

Replacement Is Best

There is no question that the human body was designed to function best with a maximum complement of teeth. Should one or two of them be missing, some problems can be expected, and the teeth that surround the gap may start to move out of place. Not only that, but the gum in the affected area may begin to regress, and this can all make it more difficult to chew and process food.

New-Age Technology and Materials

However, dentists can use the latest technology to replace the missing tooth, even if it's been quite a considerable time since the initial procedure. They can use the latest imaging equipment directly in the office to analyse the bone structure in the affected location. This will tell them where to insert the titanium posts with pinpoint accuracy.

This post is made from a material that is known to adapt well within the human body, and it is particularly strong as well. Once it is introduced, it will quickly adapt and will soon be ready to accept a brand-new crown. This crown, in turn, is also made from a sophisticated and new material (such as zirconium) and will be equally as strong as the teeth that surround it. Not only that, but it will blend in perfectly and will appear as if it was the original tooth in order to restore that original smile.

Turning Back the Clock

So, the modern-day dentist is able to take advantage of the latest computer software and imaging equipment, together with the highest quality replacement materials. This combination can certainly help to restore the patient's appearance and, in many respects, to turn back the hands of time.

Placing the Call

If you'd assumed that you had run out of options and would simply have to deal with gaps in your dentition, pick up the phone and call your dentist. After an initial inspection, they will be able to schedule a course of treatment to get you back on track.